Why Resurfacing?

When deciding to tackle a home improvement project, you’re faced with hundreds of decisions to make. Some of these decisions may be simple, and others a little more difficult. When faced with a bathroom renovation, the choice is easy. Refinish don’t replace! Here are a few reasons why.

It’s Quick:

The process of refinishing a bathroom takes only a few hours at most, and the bathroom is usable again in just 24 hours. So in just one day, you can have a bathroom that looks brand new.

It’s Cheap:

Bathroom renovations can quickly add up. New fixtures, plumbing, and labor all cost a lot. A simple way to avoid these costs is with refinishing. The speedy process helps eliminate labor while keeping your old fixtures, but you still get the brand new look and feel.

It’s Easy:

With Surface Solutions, a team member can give you a new bathroom while you are out running errands. The simple process allows our staff to operate quickly and the only thing they will leave behind is a bathroom you’ll hardly believe is yours. With just one quick call you’ll find that we have your solution.

For more information please visit our website at www.TubTileTop.com


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